Monday, June 2, 2014


After a long silence, I can report that I've ~FINISHED MY THESIS~ and am reemerging into the world of humans. To that end, I'll attempt to be actually blogging in the near future, god help us all.

Since last I posted, I've had a few big-ticket items I wanted to mention:

  1. I successfully wrote and defended my thesis; as of May 17, I am now Dr. Wise (definitely either a superhero or supervillain name, it remains to be seen which)

  2. CASA was generous enough to award me the best paper award at GISRUK 2014, for research I'll be posting about here in the coming weeks

  3. friend and collaborator Ivan Gayton of Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) presented some work we've been doing simulating the spread of disease at MSF Scientific Day on May 30. I'll talk about that work a bit more as it develops further
That's about the shape of things at the moment. I'll be writing here every week or so about what I'm doing, so please do watch this space!

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